Outdoor Heating Vest
Outdoor Heating Vest
Outdoor Heating Vest
Outdoor Heating Vest
Outdoor Heating Vest
Outdoor Heating Vest

Outdoor Heating Vest

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Outdoor Heating Vest

There's nothing quite like that cozy and warm sensation to contrast the winter cold. Usually, you'd have to wear layer after layer to get that feeling...

And so we've made things easier for you - keeping it as simple as pressing a button to achieve that warm, snug feeling on your body without being restricted, requiring only a lightweight vest that gives you absolute freedom of movement to do anything...


Keeping You Warm when it Counts

A traditional hoodie won't keep you warm the same way your heating vest will. Using electro-thermal technology, you'll forget what it feels like to shiver! 

 Neoprene Carbon Fiber •

• Maximises Natural Heat to the Body•

• Full Light-weight Insulation •

• Free Range of Movement whilst Wearing 


Choose How You Want to Feel

You don't want to be too cold or too warm, that is why we let you control how you want to feel. With 3 heating modes to choose from:

Comfort Where It Is Needed

That's the spot! Your vest heats you in key regions that are vulnerable to the coldthat way, you're ensured comfort where it's really needed...

When you're out all day in the cold, nothing would be worse than having your heat supply end unexpectedly. All of the vests allow you to maximise your day with up to 8 hours of heat on a single charge. 

Note: Please don't keep it on for 8 hours straight, as it won't be comfortable for both you or the power supply!

Being exposed to the elements is tough - It gets super cold and torrential FAST. Your vest is water/rain resistant, keeping you dry and your heating supply safe, because a soggy you means a cold, unhappy you. We'll keep you happy and warm...

Note: Don't submerge your jacket, it's resistant but not made for activities like swimming or prolonged exposure to heavy rain.

Keeping the heat in doesn't have to mean 5 layers burying you, it can mean being light as a feather, whilst keeping the warmth contained. You'll be surprised how a vest so thin could feel as cozy as your bed covers.


Whilst you're given a weightless feeling wearing your vest, the Carbon Fibre also proves an additional heating element that works more effectively to keep you warm, comfortable and relaxed...

Keep Warm this Winter and SAVE £7 Today!


 Additional Information

Material: Cotton & Carbon Fiber

Requirements: USB Power Bank / Supply (Not Included)
Please check the sizing info below before purchasing:

Right-click on the Guide and Click Open image in a new tab if having issues reading the size guide

Washing Instructions:

Remove Power Supply and Handwash with Neutral Detergent 




Delivery: Between 13 days - 5 weeks. depending upon your location.
You won't wait any longer, or your money back.

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