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ALWUP's four-unit drive system brings a new level of dynamic sound with a warm deep bass to encompass a complete low-end sound without comprising high and middle-end frequencies. No other earphone on the market carries the design of the G01, making it a fashion staple in the audio industry as well as a game changer in terms of its price to performance ratio. This model also features an impressive 4-hours of constant use before you need to charge again.
Oneodio Fusion Headphone

No other headphone is as diverse as the Oneodio Fusion. Combining Wireless Bluetooth with wired Headphone linking capabilities, the Fusion has something for everyone. Day-to-day wireless use is no problem for this headphone, disconnect the cable, connect to your phone and leave the wire at home. The Fusion also features a 3.5mm Lock Jack which can be connected with more than one device! This multi-sourcing audio device lets you play along to your favourite songs, it allows you to connect with other headphones to share the moment together. The Oneodio Fusion is the most innovative and diverse Bluetooth headphone on the market.

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