Humans vs Robots: Will they take over?

Let's start this off with the Battle Scene from I, Robot:
Now when we consider the future of technology, in particular AI and robots, we can often worry about the idea that it will lead to an apocalyptic state whereby we all become slaves to big scary robots with laser eyes and computerised voices close to that of iPhone's Siri (sorry android users...).
Is this something we should ACTUALLY worry about?
Or can we save the anxiety for movie night on a friday when Arnie eventually shows his face to begin the Terminator binge...
Weekend plans aside, lets look at 3 reasons why this might happen:
Number 1: They'll get guns and kill us all.
Number 1, and certainly the most cliche of the causes, is that robots will somehow gain access to our weapons supplies and logically decide to kill its' creators as a means to pass time (if they know the concept of it that is!). Whilst this may be cool in the movies, this would certainly give you a scare which is why you'll be glad to hear that unless someone was evil (and smart) enough to develop robots that desire to kills humans, there'd be no reason for any robots to kill anyone, as well as no way for them to access guns to do it! However the risk is always there, afterall the presence of people with more anger than empathy may choose to raise up an army of loyal killer robots to come collect that £2.49 for the greggs they bought you back in 2013...
Number 2: They'll take all ours jobs!
Secondly. there's a more realistic issue at play that'll only get bigger in the near future, which is the automation of work. Ever since mechanical arms have come to the production lines, there has been a decrease in workers  needed in the production line as everything they can do, technology can do all-day long with higher precision. Not just this though, the younger generation are statistically shown to be under more risk of having their jobs automated:


But don't worry!

Whilst job automation is certainly a concern, it should be noticed that job vacanies are expected to increase even more that technology and robots are becoming more integrated with each breakthrough made. This means you can expect to be the one monitoring the robot, or spending time doing other things, which will in turn increase productivity for everyone. Sounds like a win-win right? But what about the next point...
"MWUHAHAH, get back to work peasant", calls your robot boss who has already stolen the woman in the office you always catched yourself looking at, all whilst earning 5 times your wage after tax. This is someting that'll wake us out of the deepest of sleeps when it comes to mind. Nobody wants a boss that walks all over you, especially a robot one.

"There is a belief that robots will maximise the aspects of the human brain that we can't, for whatever reason"

Scientists claim that we use less than 20% of our full brain power. Why is this? Maybe because we are eating wrong, aren't smart enough, or has technology harvested our brain power like a farmer collecting ripe tomatoes. Weird comparisons aside, if they can objectively perform any task they are programmed to do when given the right logic, it would only be a matter of time before they figure out the human mind, after-all it is all just neural connections happening within a bit of mush right? I'll leave the science to the scientists... But to answer the question - will they outsmart and enslave us? They may very well outsmart us, in that they can logically perform better than us which is already the case with devices like calculators (unless you're this guy! ) that can calculate the biggest of equations within milliseconds. However, in order to enslave us, they must have a will and consciousness as we do. It is out of greed that humans enslave others, however robots don't have such emotions and wouldn't see the benefit to enslave humans, unless it was for a specific objective function, then it's not about power it's about finding a means to an end. As long as they operate on the logic we give them and not the emotion, i'm sure they'll have the heart to keep on our good side...
If anything of the 3 reasons above happen and they enslave us, take our jobs and then finish us off with the killing blow, then there's alternate option that is by no means the nicest, but at least you can say "I told you so" to your robot boss before the office building collapses. The idea is that technology may completely malfunction and consequentially explode and take everything with it. 
Cities gone. Families destroyed. Robot Boss dead...
Well isn't that the lucky 3 ways to happiness. In the event that technology did take a turn for the worst, we can only turn to sleeping Homer to save us...DOH!
What do you want to see next? Let us know!
Thank you for reading...

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