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Humans vs Robots: Will they take over?

    Let's start this off with the Battle Scene from I, Robot: Now when we consider the future of technology, in particular AI and robots, we can often worry about the idea that it will lead to an apocalyptic state whereby we all become slaves to big scary robots with laser eyes and computerised voices close to that of iPhone's Siri (sorry android users...). Is this something we should ACTUALLY worry about? Or can we save the anxiety for movie night on a friday when Arnie eventually shows his face to begin the Terminator binge... Weekend plans aside, lets look at 3 reasons why this might happen: Number 1, and certainly the most cliche of the causes, is that robots will...

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Mechanical Keyboards: Why you need one in 2020

Mechanical Keyboards are a strange piece of tech. They're bulkier, louder and more expensive than normal keyboards, so why is it the niche group of avid techies, typers and gamers choose to throw their money at such a simple gadget? There are many, many reasons why:   Let's start with the History... Photo of an Alps SCB1A163 Starting as early as the 1800s, mechanical keyboards have been used for a very long time, however, it was only until the early 1970s that we had access something closely resembling what we call Mechanical Keyboards today. That is keys that we could pull out by hand to reveal the Mechanical Reed Switches underneath. This meant that every time a key was pressed, a magnet...

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Gadget Grabbing + More

There's so much out there!   The age of today, there are gadgets for everything. Literally. You can access everything from portable pressure showers to phone cases that stick to your wall. The possibilities are endless and this is what is so exciting for us to share with you at the Grab-a-Gadget company. We seek out the best gadgets, being the most innovative and well executed, so that they can continue to aid you in everyday life as well as special situations (you never know when you need a pen that doubles up as a camera) which the average person would scratch their head over. There is so much that can be done with all the tech and non-tech appliances...

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